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Jean Sum, a mother of three, had the idea for her business in 2010 when she started making simple homemade crafts in her 1 bedroom Houston apartment for her new born. Within a year into her business, she realized the need for better quality baby and children products in the market.

Little girls

"Parenting means not accepting mediocrity. I need the best for my kids. I will often buy a product and wonder "Where is the love in creating it. Did people really believe such a thing will work for kids?" I need a product that really works! Being a mom to me means not settling for anything less. If there is something in life worth fighting for, they are for my kids." 

Cuddle Baby and Giggles & Pebbles were born – 2 brand names offering true-to-work, innovative baby and children products.

About Us

At Giggles and Pebbles, we love to innovate and create.  We want products that 'Truly Work', we want 'Safety', we want 'High Quality' and we want our kids to 'Learn, Experiment and Be Happy.' We love what we do and we know how to do it best, because 'We are Parents Too'.

Why Choose Giggles and Pebbles 

Design that Truly Works

We innovate and create unique products that 'truly work'. All our products are designed in-house and have undergone stringent product testing and development, resulting in a final product that evokes fun, usability and love. We want parents to use our products and shout "Hey! This works!"

Learning Through Play

Play helps children grow strong and healthy.  We want our kids to love life, to experiment and develop new skills through the products and activities we create.  Play provides rich learning opportunities and is essential towards developing happy, healthy kids and adults. Come play with our crazy, happy team here! 

Safe, Non-Toxic Products

We want you to have peace of mind when you buy our products. Our products are made from materials that are non-toxic and completely safe to use. That is our guarantee to you!

Products Created by You!

We gather and listen to feedback from all customers to further improve and develop our products. YOU build our products!

Customer Service

Yes, you are King. You speak, we listen and we deliver.